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About Us & How We Got Started With CBD


The CEO before becoming the CEO of the Company was having medical issues, and modern medicine just didn't seem to help (by no means are we insinuating not to follow your doctors orders, always follow your doctors orders). We're sharing the story of how we got started. We sorted through hundreds of CBD Products & Brands to narrow down the top ones to test. And the #1 Best CBD Ingredients to use. We came up with the best products that we all tried and now we are able to offer them to you! 

CBD is everywhere—and trend shows no signs of going away any time soon. With a host of benefits, CBD has been shown to relax body and mind, relieve pain, fight inflammation, aid with sleep, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and more.

Finding the right brand was a huge challenge. Because of a relatively new market, some manufacturers may cut corners and compromise the quality of their products. Some brands contain low quality, less effective forms of CBD. Plus, some brands are not clear about their manufacturing and testing processes.

It was essential for us to select products with the highest level of Cannabidoil components. It is also critical that products are tested for purity and shown to be free of solvents, pesticides and herbicides.

Our team of testers tried hundreds of products from popular brands to find the best products on the market. Our testers paid close attention to claims and manufacturing practices and also considered quality, price, value and transparency with data and testing results. With All our Hard work, it paid off. We are able to offer you the Best Pure CBD Products!

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